Friday, March 24, 2006


These are more pics from my adventure for donar's stuff. In my absolute numbness I came across them on my way home (near the go station). I like the one with snow the best.

I personally think they're awesome. Come on, how often do you run accrossed lean cuisine gloves? Really?

pip pip

Friday, March 17, 2006


So there's not gonna be new art again. this is a sketch from the animal-bone-rom- thing last year. I love coloured paper and white marker. I'm on this constant search for the perfect white marker/pencil. So far all I have found is a wood painting marker at Micheals (a store I have vendetta with). I hate patroning a store that is filled with morons, fascists and people with social developemental problems.
Also, if anyone cares, I've recently been sick with bronchitus (sorry folks don't feel like looking that up) and basically bed ridden since weds. Yep, life is grand (for those who don't know me that well, I'm being very sarcastic). I was really hoping to go to toronto for st.patty's day... but no, I'm stuck home with vicks on my chest and not being able to taste stuff because I've had a ridiculous amount of dristan (the stuff you shoot your nose up with). And of course the medication that cost a whole lot. wtf is up with the price of drugs? SERIously. But I'm more vital today, so that means me, the pills and the puffer will be gracing/contaminating school tomorrow.
But at least I've covered the basics with watching movies. A lot of disney, and my fav guilty pleasure- Robin Hood: Prince of thieves. I just absolutely love that movie. Oh kevin costner, if you weren't old enough to be my grandpa..... I've even made some headway with my book, isn't this amazing? If anyone out there hasn't read "everything is illuminated" read it now. Its really funny. Now that you've actually lost a few brain-cells reading this, you may want to go to someone eles's blog listed on the right ---------> cause, they'll make you smarter.
Pip Pip & cheerio!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New stuff!

I jest- the edvin stuff is from the begining of the year. And the hampster type thing is from last year.