Friday, August 24, 2007


hurray for new art work!
Wanna know how you know its authentic? You can see my hands holding my actual sketch book. As per usual.. pen, watercolour. bla blah blah.
But not to get your hopes up, but I might actually post some finished work up soon...
but... don't hold your breath, I have issues with finishing thi

Sunday, August 05, 2007

camera action cont'

These pic's are all in the few sketchbooks I've filled since I've been here, loads of time to draw. And by loads of time I mean, no... life.

*edit- kk I forgot to say a few things when i first posted this. I call this: Impressions of vancouver. Vancouver is a beautiful place, and I feel pretty fortunate to come out here for my first job. Its gotta lot of natural beauty with the mountains and what not,(getting lost on grouse mountain really allows you the oppertunity to "experience" natural beauty in its most... naturalness (and another excuse to buy new pants) and there's never a shortage of people to draw (like the first month and a half in Charlottetown). But the thing I like the most is the alley ways, and the bus rides to work everyday. There's never a shortage of characters to inspire (or alarm).

okay... kitty... camera action it is

Alrighty, here you go kitty, all camera actioned and what not.
excuse the blurryness, crappy lighting, and.. ENJOY.