Friday, December 30, 2005


alrighty, basically this is a sculpture of a character design a friend gave me. Her name is alena, check her work out- I have it linked, she's one of the most gifted people I know. (alena the amazing) If alena is looking at this, its okay, I know I'm missing the girl. it'll be there in the next few days. the stupid armature that I had built was tooo bulky for what the design called for.
also a note, this isn't done, but this is basically me keeping a diary of sorts of how I make them... I didn't have the camera when I started on it. so no... armature pics. I'm also trying out a tip someone told me about... mixing a pack of black sculpey with normal flesh colour super sculpey. I'm not sure how its helping... yet... Also, I introduced myself to this lovely tool- soldiering tool. (sawd-er-ing). it makes the armature alot faster, as well as adding that tid bit of danger to it because you can really burn the dickens outa your skin with molten metal... hehehehehe ahhhh it'll heal.

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