Sunday, May 21, 2006

huzzah and bamft

yeah hi, its been a while.
check out this site.... penguin cafe orchestra-----> amazing music.... --big shout to our amazing non-drawing art teacher bruno for introducing them to us this year inthe music class, Bruno degazio you rawk!

other than that, been trying to figure out caricatures. Really derive a lot of influence from joe bluhm (link at right). I love his structure, and how easy he makes his stuff look. if anyone's got any incite on how to draw caricatures let me know, cause I'd love some tips. CRITIQUE AWAY!

the colour bit is a dismissed concept for my final film, but seing as it's bad homage to mario brothers, I figured I'd post it ... suffer all 'ye.

rammble mumble rammble

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'm alive

yeah, so school ended ... abrupt and anticlimatic hahaah... hmm. I thought the school year went well, we didn't finish the film but like Brando said, we learned a lot. And I feel ready for forth year. It was really fun working with the team and even though there were probs, I think over all it was a pretty good experience. I just needed some recovery time from digital. that always feels like a journey. I love the modeling party, its just I need more time to figure out all the technical stuff.

I'm off to coop land in PEI. I have already done my first week here, and its been fun. PEI is definitly not ontario, but its really nice and interesting. I think the island is definitly in perportion to me hehehe.
Anyways, here's some stuff I have done recently... nothing incredibly special, but proof of life ... ramble ramble mutter mutter ...