Tuesday, September 04, 2007

what I do at work!

I might also note that Pucca is already having an influence on my character design. I've noticed a pattern of circular eyes in my sketchy mcsketches.
This was for me buddy Erica!
Anywhoo, this is more finished then I usually do.


keith wilson said...

Aw look at the cute little squishy! thats adorable, you sure can draw in flash.

Lianna said...

ahahha, that's cute! Erica must have loved it!

Erica Pitt said...

Loveeeeeee Poms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joonasjoonas said...

that is cute!, But your sketchbook art is very very impressive

Robin Hall said...

hey! haven't talked to you in... god, six months or so!

Miss talking to you, you seem to be enjoying work, which is awesome!

Ciao, adorable sketch, great posts!