Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I finished up at my current job and now on to a new things.
One thing I find tough about making cartoons is having to leave and go to the next job. But at least the common denominator is I always get to work with awesome people who's friendships I'll always cherish. Thanks pipeline for being a fun place to work.
Thanks for the good times y'all!
PS. brian, keep the sketch group alive man!


Dan szilagyi said...

some neat-o work you have here!


Adriana said...

Aww I like the rainbow one :D

Dan szilagyi said...

Thank you for stopping by Kelly! haha there is two really good schools here in vancouver so that would explain why there is some talent here, but i think Toronto has tons more talented guys, guys like Alan Cook and all them are so talented.

Thanks for the kind words though!


Myke Bakich said...

Great Posts Kelly! On to the next adventure!

Brent Bouchard said...

thats a rad gummy bear painting!


Marco Bucci said...

Hey, I worked with Kelly!
Hope things are going well over at Elliot. Your drawings will probably be on that wall for a long time...unless somebody starts up the daily sketch topics again.